Card Design Impact Study

September 2019
RGCA Insights Committee and Iosue & Associates

This is an RGCA originated consumer intercept study developed and commissioned by the Insights Committee, and executed by Iosue & Associates. The goal to of the study is to deliver relevant, actionable, original content for the RGCA on the subject of card design impact on purchase behavior for use in the development of design strategy, creative briefs and evaluation of placement opportunities. See the results...

16th Annual U.S. Closed-Loop Prepaid Cards Market Forecasts, 2018–2022

June 19, 2019
C Sue Brown, The Mercator Institute

Gift cards continue growth, with 2% compound annual growth rate forecasted through 2022. New research from Mercator Advisory Group shows which segments of the U.S. prepaid cards market will grow and which will shrink through 2022. Read more...

Your Branded Currency - 2018 Prepaid Consumer Insight Study

March 4, 2019
Sue Hurley,

First Data launches the 2018 U.K. Consumer Insights Study which looks at trends in branded currency and how you might leverage them as part of your gift card strategy. Read more...

Mobile Payments & Fraud: 2018 Report

March 2019
Kount, The Fraud Practice, Braintree

The shift towards digital economy is fueling the growth of the mobile payments industry and it’s becoming a beacon for fraudsters to attack traditional brick and mortar merchants. In fact, The Mobile Payments and Fraud: 2018 Report stated that detecting fraudulent orders is one of the top three challenges for merchants in the mobile channel. Download the full report.