Anti-trust Statement

In order to guard against unintentional violations of the antitrust laws, the following topics shall not be discussed at any time during RGCA meetings, whether as part of a formal meeting, a large group discussion or in any private conversations:

  1. Discussion of current or future prices, fees, rates, discounting, and other terms and conditions of sale which may lead to an agreement or consensus on prices or fees to be charged is prohibited. Discussion of general, historical pricing practices, as well as pricing models, methods, systems, or applications, is acceptable, so long as no specific prices are discussed, and so long as no agreement or consensus is reached – implicit or explicit – as to what constitutes a reasonable, fair or appropriate price or fee to charge, or what constitutes a reasonable, fair or appropriate profit level.
  2. Discussion which concerns a refusal to deal with a particular company, or a refusal to purchase its products or services because of its pricing or bidding practices is prohibited. Further, any discussion which encourages a company to refrain from competing in a particular market, or which limits or excludes a company from competing in a market, is similarly prohibited.
  3. Discussion concerning the allocation of customers or markets is prohibited.
  4. Discussion of current or future bids is prohibited.
  5. Any other discussion which could lead to an agreement – implicit or explicit – that would pose an unreasonable restraint on trade is prohibited.

The principal federal antitrust law is a criminal conspiracy statute. Violators can be subject to mandatory jail terms. For your own protection and that of the RGCA, compliance with these discussion rules is mandatory.