Committees & task forces

The current RGCA Strategy is focused on laddering up to our value proposition to share knowledge, combine our powerful voices, and provide opportunities to learn from one another.

RGCA Pillars

KNOWLEDGE: Create and curate knowledge to be used in leading our respective gift card businesses.

Combine our powerful voices throughout the industry for the purpose of protecting and promoting gift cards.

Create opportunities to share and learn from fellow industry experts.

Committee Structure and Goals

  • Fixed Oversight Committees chaired by Board Members provide a sounding board for action-oriented Task Forces.
  • Committees ensure the actions of the task forces fit in the RGCA's overall strategic objectives. Committee chairs review submitted task force templates to ensure they fit, and to help prioritize.
  • Committee chairs deliver a quarterly update to the Board of Directors that summarizes the status of the task forces under their respective umbrellas.


Chaired by Marina Hodges, Blackhawk Network and Jennifer Maples, CFA Servco

Current task forces:

  • Bylaws, Policies & Procedures (led by Catherine Easterling, Walmart)
  • Regulatory (led by Laura Parker, Best Buy)


Chaired by Steve Kane, SVS and Robyn Wentzel, Macy's

Current task forces:

  • Membership (led by Kathy Cook, DSW & Stephanie Thompson, PLI)
  • Forum (led by Gabe Resendez, Darden & Abby Teigland, AMC)
  • Coffee Break (led by Paul Kelly, SVS)
  • Communications (led by Bill Ralston, TDS Gift Cards)
  • GCVA Partnership (led by Pete Davison, Disney)


Chaired by Steve Bradbery, Savvy and Armineh Sarkissian, Applebee's

Current task forces:

  • Digital Experience (led by Kevin Doherty, SVS, Lesa Hernandez, Epic Games, and Brad Stafford, Blackhawk Network)
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (led by Benita Johnson, Home Chef and Ross Kline, Gap) - joint committee with IGCC; learn more here
  • Fraud & Abuse Mitigation (led by Martha Weaver, Tillo, Julee Schmaus, SB Collectiv, and Jim Schulz, Travel Tags)
Sign up for a task force here.

If you’re interested in leading or co-leading a task force, let us know at!

Would you like to lead an initiative not on this list? Contact the appropriate committee chair to propose a task force.