A Message from the RGCA: Strategies for Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

We understand that COVID-19 is impacting all aspects of our daily lives and businesses. Here are ways gift card programs can help retailers, consumers, and the economy right now:  

Driving brand engagement: Gift cards can generate revenue now and remind consumers to return when it’s safe to do so. A few ideas for retailers:  

  • Run special online gift card promotions
    • Example: Buy $50 in gift cards, get an additional $10 card for a future purchase
  • Offer gift cards as rewards for consumers who take specific actions
    • Example: Place an order online and get a $5 gift card to use in the future
  • Offer businesses bulk discounts on egifts to reward and motivate employees working through these uncertain times
    • Example: Offer a 10% discount on orders of $500 or more


Educating new online shoppers safely: People can give gift cards to family members or friends, who many not otherwise shop online, to help acclimate them with online ordering—also helping retailers reach new audiences and potentially change future buying habits.

Providing convenience: Gift cards and egifts enable consumers to shop for essentials, treat others during these tough times, or buy gifts for spring holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

RGCA Members: Please log in to your accounts for access to members-only tips on our discussion boards about:

  • How we can support each other during this time
  • What our members are doing to safely drive business
  • Challenges we’re facing—and solutions for overcoming them
  • How members are encouraging online gift card sales

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