Regional Symposiums

RGCA Regional Symposiums (formerly Road Shows) provide existing and prospective members with opportunities to engage with each other via intimate in-person learning sessions centered around key industry trends, best practices, consumer insights, and other topics of conversation that help inform gift card program strategy.

These sessions are free and open to all RGCA members as well as prospects invited by a current RGCA member. Prospects are eligible to attend one Symposium free of charge and must become a member to attend these events thereafter.

Regional Symposiums are grassroots events hosted by RGCA members at their corporate offices. If you are interested in hosting a future Symposium or would like to partner with a host to help sponsor the event, please contact us.

These events were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to restart them in mid to late 2022.

RGCA Event Code of Conduct

Please review the RGCA Event Code of Conduct prior to attending. All RGCA event attendees will be expected to follow this Code of Conduct when attending RGCA organized event.

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