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Membership Info

How to Join the RGCA:

  1. Review the Code of Principles and ensure that you meet the requirements.
  2. Review the membership information below to determine the level of membership that meets your needs and the benefits available to each.
  3. Fill out the Membership Application form found below (The RGCA offers three types of membership levels for Retail Companies, as well as Supporting & Affiliate membership levels).
  4. Complete this online form.

Membership Eligibility:

RGCA Membership is open to organizations operating within the closed-loop gift card category that are interested in the advancement of the industry and have a passion for promoting, protecting, and enhancing the use of closed-loop gift cards.

Membership Privileges:

  • Influence and help shape the future of the closed loop gift card industry
  • Collaborate and benefit from networking
  • Receive “member-only”  industry  intelligence
  • Free Legal support and guidance
  • Discounts for industry events
  • Affiliation with globally renowned brands
  • RGCA logo on your website and gift cards showcase your company s’ commitment to consumer-friendly practices


RGCA Membership Levels & Benefits

Associate – $2,500 (2 members) With this membership retailer members will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in and network at events such as The Forum organized by the RGCA at a member rate.
  • Serve with peers on committees and task forces to help further the closed loop gift card industry
  • Gain access to RGCA preferred vendor rates to other conferences
  • Join webinars on relevant gift card topics
  • Access to free legal advice
  • Receive legal updates and learn about reported gift card fraud through an email newsletter called “The Skim”
  • The right to use the RGCA member logo on their cards, and listing on the RGCA website as a member.
  • Exclusive Member opportunity to promote their brand gift card to consumers during holiday-themed broadcast segments at a significantly reduced rate– solely featuring RGCA members that air on regional TV stations across the country and reach more than four million viewers. The media tour is managed by the RGCA’s PR firm, The Fletcher Group during key buying times such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Holiday. All that is required is to send unloaded gift cards, packaging, and a few quick sentences about your gift card program and they’ll do the rest.

Executive – $5,000 (6 members) – With this membership retailer members will have all the benefits Associate Members receive plus the opportunity to run and serve on the RGCA Board of Directors, special placement and mention on the RGCA website and in press releases, as well as opportunities to Chair an RGCA committee or task force.

Leadership – $10,000 (8 members) – With this membership retailer members will have all the benefits Executive Members receive plus the opportunity to run and serve as an officer of the RGCA.

Supporting (Non-Retailer) – $5,000 (6 members) – With this membership members will have all the benefits as an Executive Retailer membership plus the opportunity to run and serve on the RGCA Board of Directors. This category includes distributors, incentive providers, aggregators, card manufactures, marketing companies and others that provide products and services to the closed-loop gift card industry.

Affiliate (Non-Retailer)  – $5,000 (4 members) – For associations, societies, and others who have an active, demonstrated interest in the closed-loop gift card industry but do not qualify as a Retailer or Supporting member, this membership has all the benefits of Associate membership except voting rights.

To apply for membership, click here!