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Membership Info

How to Join the RGCA:

  1. Review the Code of Principles and ensure that you meet the requirements.
  2. Review the Membership Brochure to determine the level of membership that meets your needs and the benefits available to each.
  3. Fill out the Membership Application form found below (The RGCA offers three types of membership).
  4. Mail or email this application or complete this online form.

Membership Eligibility:

RGCA Membership is open to organizations operating within the closed-loop gift card category that are interested in the advancement of the industry and have a passion for promoting, protecting, and enhancing the use of closed-loop gift cards.

Membership Privileges:

  • Influence and help shape the future of the closed loop gift card industry
  • Collaborate and benefit from networking
  • Receive “member-only”  industry  intelligence
  • Legal support and guidance
  • Discounts for industry events
  • Affiliation with globally renowned brands
  • RGCA logo on your website and gift cards showcase your company s’ commitment to consumer-friendly practices

Retailer Members

Retailers, restaurants, experiential and travel-and-entertainment merchants who issue closed-loop gift cards in North America and whose primary revenue is not derived from gift cards are eligible.

  • Associate level retailer members will have the opportunity to participate in events and projects organized by the RGCA, along with access to RGCA preferred vendor rates and programs, access to legal updates, the right to use the RGCA member logo on their cards, and listing on the RGCA website as a member.
  • Executive level retailer members will have all the benefits Associate Members receive plus the opportunity to serve on the RGCA Board of Directors, special placement and mention on the RGCA website and in press releases, as well as opportunities to lead RGCA strategic initiatives.
  • Leadership level retailer members will have all the benefits Executive Members receive plus the opportunity to serve as an officer of the RGCA.

Distributor Members

Distributors, incentive providers, 3rd party resellers, scrip companies, and aggregators are eligible.

Supporting Members

Card manufacturers, marketing & strategy companies, digital providers, and omni-channel consulting companies are eligible.