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Committee and Task Force Governance

  • RGCA Executive Committee shall establish committees to meet the demands and needs of members and the association.
  • Committee chairs shall be appointed by the RGCA Chair.
    • Committee membership shall be open to all interested members in good standing
  • Committee Chairs may establish Task Forces that are topic focused with defined deliverables.
    • Task Forces shall have a defined life-cycle
    • Task Forces are limited to 5-7 members in good standing
    • No Task Force shall have more than one individual from the same company on is roster; however, such members may tap others in their companies to assist in executing a specific task
  • No individual may serve as chair on more than one committee or task force


Standing Committees

Executive Committee                                          Chair:  Open

Mission:  take timely actions when Board is not convened; oversee relationship with Kellen

Finance Committee                                              Chair:  Tim Anderson

Mission:  monitor finances, develop annual budget and make recommendations to the Board as needed


Other Committees & Task Forces

Membership Committee                                     Co-Chairs:  Open

Mission:  develop and oversee execution of membership develop plans; make recommendations for new programs and services that enhance RGCA value


Mentor Task Force                                               Chair:  Paul Tappon

Mission:  provide support to, and a touchstone for, new members


Government Affairs                                             Chair:  Nathan Ehrlich

Mission:  monitor relevant legislative and regulatory matters and report to the membership; oversee legal counsel

Marketing / Communications Committee         Chair: 
Jayne Stegemiller

Mission:  oversee marketing, PR and communications initiatives; approve annual Fletcher plans


Industry Marketing & Sponsorships Task Force           Chair:  Shawna Nichol

Mission:  identify key third-party organizations and develop strategies for engagement, collaboration or to compete


Website Task Force                                        Chair:  Jenny Jeansonne

Mission:  launch a new RGCA website with modern functionality, database integration and housing robust, relevant content


Knowledge Committee                                        Chair:  Marina Hodges

Mission:  set the education agenda for the year, develop program for Forum, oversight of Task Forces as follows


Insights Task Force                                            Chair:  Kathleen Henderson

Mission:  set the RGCA research agenda for the year to include internally generated data, procured data from industry partners, and/or paid original research


Merchandising Task Force                             Chair:  Open

Mission:  identify two specific topic areas and develop best practices for each


Innovations Task Force                                   Chair:  Nicole Glass

Mission:  deliver, at a minimum, a quarterly report and/or webinar on one or more innovations newly introduced to the closed loop gift card market


Fraud Task Force                                            Chair:  Open

Mission:  identify two specific topic areas and develop best practices for each


Exchanges Best Practices Task Force                        Chair:  Martha Weaver

Mission:  research and document best practices


Forum                                                                   Chair:  Jayne Stegemiller

Mission:  oversee the planning and execution of annual Forum